The Turntide Technologies Switched Reluctance Motor

Many commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the United States are missing out on an opportunity to save huge on their electricity bills and lower their carbon emissions and footprints. They’re ignoring the biggest culprit of energy consumption and waste in their facilities: the electric motor. The International Energy Agency finds that electric motor systems make up half of the global electricity consumption. The Turntide Technologies Inc Smart Motor System is the ultimate solution to this glaring problem. Read on as we show you why the Turntide Technologies (formerly known as Software Motor Company) motor is a game-changer and how it slashes your facility’s electricity bills and reduces your building’s carbon footprint.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), electric motors consume more than half of the nation’s electrical energy and make up more than 85 percent of the country’s industrial and commercial energy consumption. In terms of how this relates to your facility’s budget, electric motors make up about $85 of every $100 of a manufacturing facility’s electrical bill.

The Turntide Smart Motor System is the most energy-efficient motor in the market. The technology reduces energy usage by an average of 64 percent. It is backed by Amazon, Bill Gates, and actor Robert Downey Jr. Its switched reluctance motor (SRM) technology allows it to use energy only when it is really needed, not like conventional electric motors, which are constantly running and wasting energy.

Unlike legacy motors, switched reluctance motors have rotors with no windings, rare earth minerals, rare earth magnets, or rotor bars. Rare earth minerals are detrimental to the environment and without rotor bars, SRMs have significantly lower rotor losses than conventional motors. The decreased rotor losses keep machine parts cool, which can extend bearing and lubricant life. 

SRMs are also equipped with power electronics, making the motor efficient over different torques and speeds. This means that the Turntide smart motor can be used for a wide variety of high-efficiency commercial applications including air handling in fans and blowers. Conventional HVAC systems are designed to deliver maximum power and maximum speed, but they often do not operate efficiently and instead are run at lower speeds and lower power. The Turntide smart motor is much more efficient at operating at optimum speeds and power due to its design, but also due to its intelligent motor systems.

The smart features of Turntide’s Smart Motor System offer users insights, building automation, and control. You will be able to monitor and remotely communicate with it. This means you will receive alerts and real-time updates on how the motor is performing and how much energy it consumes. This intelligence helps with preventative maintenance and prevents faults and failures. Operators have remote control of their motors and can review detailed reports of the motors’ performance, which can help with regulating overuse of the motors and maximizing energy efficiency even further.

The Smart Motor System is made up of the motor, the controller, and the cloud. The system collects data from the different parts of the motor to determine the ideal motor speed. Running a motor at the appropriate speed for its application extends its life and saves energy. The cloud is where the analytics are stored for the owner to view when needed.

Turntide’s Smart Motor System operates more efficiently than highly-touted Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors or any other induction motor. A Turntide motor can reduce energy consumption in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by an average of 64%! 

The Turntide Technologies motor is a no-brainer investment. The payback period for a motor equipped with Turntide technology is less than three years. When you replace most or all of your facilities’ electric motors with Turntide’s smart switched reluctance motors you will have sustainable operations, decrease your use of fossil fuels, lower your company’s energy consumption, meet company sustainability goals, slash operating costs, and operate more efficiently. We are an approved vendor with Turntide. With our experience in energy efficiency solutions and ability to take a holistic approach to substantially decreasing energy consumption in commercial buildings, we can outfit your building with Turntide smart motors in the appropriate way. We will also help you find other ways (like electric vehicle charging, lighting, or high-volume, low-speed fans) to save your building energy and lower energy costs. Please contact us so we can start saving you energy and money! 

Vanessa Peng

Vanessa Peng

Vanessa Peng is the Marketing Coordinator at WattLogic. As a former television news reporter, Vanessa enjoys creating written and video content for WattLogic and has an interest in environmental issues.