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Tell us about your EV and home, and we’ll suggest a suitable charger and give you a comprehensive installation quote. If you already have a Level 2 charger,  we can set it up for you.

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The WattLogic Way to Home EV Charging

Request an estimate, set up your installation appointment, and discover the potential savings with rebates and federal incentives.

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Start your journey towards home EV charging with WattLogic. It starts with filling out our online survey! We want to understand your specific needs, your EV model, and the layout of your home. This will enable us to tailor an unbeatable solution just for you.

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No beating around the bush here, we believe in transparency. Based on your survey responses, you can get an immediate quote for your Level 2 EV charger installation. No hidden costs, no bad surprises - just a clear-cut estimate considering your individual needs and circumstances.

Step 3: Book Your Installation Slot

Once you’ve looked over our quote, the only thing left is to pick a time for your installation. We schedule based on a mutually available time slot between you and the installing electrician. We manage the process from start to finish, ensuring a swift, seamless, and carefree installation that primes your home for fast and efficient EV charging.

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Waiting for electricians to respond can be a tedious process. Save those precious hours by opting for our instant online EV charging estimate! Are you prepared to expedite the installation of your Level 2 EV charger?

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Let our team of experts handle all aspects of the installation process – We’ll manage everything from permits to installation and set up. It’s fast, easy and hassle-free.

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You Can Supply Your Own EV Charger, or We Can Provide One For You

We specialize in all home Level 2 EV charger brands, such as Tesla, Autel, Chargepoint, JuiceBox, Wallbox, Blink, ClipperCreek, Grizzl-E, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The installation cost varies depending on your home’s specific requirements. For basic setups where the electrical panel and the preferred charging location are situated on the same wall in the garage, the cost typically ranges from $600-$750. Additional costs may be expected depending on various factors. These include the amount of materials required, plus ease of access for the installer to run the wiring between your electrical panel and the intended charger location. After completing our online survey, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Installations typically take a few hours, but this might vary based on your specific home setup. Our team will give you a more precise estimate once the preliminary survey is completed.

In the event that our team identifies a need for electrical infrastructure upgrades to support a charger, we will present you with a variety of solutions. You can then select the charging speed that suits your budget and preferences.

Yes, incorporating an EV charger can enhance your home’s market value. This modern and sensible improvement can attract potential buyers, especially those who already own or are contemplating purchasing an electric vehicle. Moreover, offering electric vehicle charging capabilities can broaden the range of potential tenants for your long-term or short-term rental property.

Level 1 charging operates using a standard 110v outlet, the same kind you’d use for everyday appliances like toasters and laptops. However, due to the larger capacity of vehicle batteries, this charging method may not be practical for regular driving routines.

On the other hand, Level 2 charging utilizes a 240v supply, similar to other high-consuming appliances in your home like air conditioning systems or dryers. This type of charger can fully recharge an EV overnight and is the popular choice for many EV drivers.

Level 3 charging provides the fastest charging rate but it demands substantial electrical supply which is generally not accessible in residential locations. You are more likely to locate Level 3 chargers in commercial establishments or along highway routes where the existing power infrastructure can facilitate this high speed charging.

Yes, we are able to install NEMA 14-50 outlets if you prefer that over a wall mounted solution. We’re happy to accommodate your preferences.

Yes, we encourage you to secure a permit. It’s a prerequisite in many cities for installing a Level 2 EV charger. Having the right permit verifies that the installation meets safety standards, given the high load that Level 2 chargers can exert and the considerable safety risk if the installation is done incorrectly. Without a permit, you risk having a claim refused by your homeowners insurance if an accident occurs. Further, a permit may be necessary to qualify for any rebates from your utility provide.

We strive to maintain accuracy with our provided estimates in all cases. How accurately you provide your details into our estimation tool influences our ability to complete the job within this estimate. There might be rare times that a home’s electrical panel can’t take on a Level 2 charger and an upgrade becomes inevitable. We thoroughly explore all alternatives before floating this suggestion.

Yes, once you’ve finished the online survey, reach out to our customer service representative who’ll guide you through the process of securing a loan to help with the installation costs.

Absolutely! We only work with licensed electricians to ensure your charger is installed safely and correctly. All of our installers have been thoroughly vetted and meet our strict insurance requirements.

Not at all. Within the survey just pick the option indicating you’re still shopping and we’ll offer our most popular Level 2 EV charger. You can always change your EV charger selection prior to proceeding with the estimate.

After submitted your survey, you’ll be assigned a WattLogic customer representative to help address all your questions and concerns. We’re always here to ensure your home charging experience is as smooth as possible.