TEP Rebates for Commercial EV Charging Are Generous

All Tucson Electric Power (TEP) commercial customers can take advantage of TEP rebates for electric vehicle (EV) charging. This is the ideal rebate for a commercial business looking to expand on its commitment to sustainability. If you’re a TEP commercial business customer with a goal of becoming more energy-efficient, then this quick read is for you. 

TEP’s Smart EV Charging Program

The TEP Smart EV Charging Program offers financial incentives for commercial customers that buy and install EV charging ports for their site. The TEP rebates help offset the upfront cost of installing EV charging equipment at your facility. The incentives can make it possible for you to actually include EV chargers into your facility’s budget.

Commercial businesses can receive a TEP rebate of up to 85 percent of the project cost.

Customers with facilities in lower-income areas receive higher rebates. Low-income areas are considered regions where the average household income does not exceed 80 percent of the median Arizona household income. The information from this comes from the U.S. Census.

Smart EV Charging Program Requirements

All TEP commercial customers are eligible to apply. In order to receive TEP rebates for your EV charging port installation you must:

  • Purchase and install a minimum of two Level 2 or DC-fast charging ports. Projects with six or more ports are evaluated on an individual basis and how much you will receive will vary.
  • Sign a Host Agreement with a three-year term.
  • Must be on one of TEP’s Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing plans. 

How much can you receive in TEP Rebates for EV chargers?

Please view the table below to see how much you can receive for your facility:

Are electric car charging stations a good business opportunity?

Yes, EV chargers are good for business!

EV chargers are an excellent business and marketing opportunity for commercial facilities. The EV market is expanding and more individuals are investing in electric vehicles, while businesses are seeing opportunities in adopting an EV fleet. Either way, at some point your facility will likely need to have EV charging ports on site.

Having EV charging ports at your facility shows your employees and the public that you are forward-thinking and committed to sustainability. It can help attract and retain employees and possibly generate more sales. Dozens of studies have shown the modern consumer is increasingly interested in supporting businesses that care for the environment and are focused on decreasing their carbon footprint.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the TEP rebates before they run out. 

WattLogic offers turnkey packages for EV charging system installations. Whether you are looking to add an EV fleet to your operations or individual ports for your staff and the public, we find the best solutions for your situation. Our EV charging packages include TEP rebates – we will apply and take care of all the paperwork for you.

If you’re interested in other energy efficiency upgrades available in TEP’s Commercial Energy Solutions program, including lighting and controls, we offer turnkey solutions for those as well. Solar rebates for Tucson Electric Power customers are offered through the Resource Comparison Proxy (RCP). We can assist with whichever energy efficiency solution you choose. Please reach out to one of our Incentives Specialists today: (800) 834-8737.