US Energy Recovery is now WattLogic

An industry leader in providing companies with energy efficient technologies is making a new name for itself. 

With the rebranding unveiled today, U.S. Energy Recovery will adopt WattLogic as its new corporate name. The change reflects a nearly decade-long growth in the company’s sustainable energy business and its growing position in the industry as a high-touch provider of (EV) chargers for commercial, multifamily, and single-family residential applications. The branding project also includes a revamped logo and website.

“As our business has grown to provide more products and services to our customers, we have grown beyond the name of WattLogic. WattLogic better captures our passion for bringing innovative energy saving and sustainable solutions to our customers,” said CEO Carl Kasalek.

Focused on the ability to “maximize the potential of every Watt”, the company aims to make it simple for organizations of all sizes to achieve their sustainability goals by removing the friction and complexity from the process of installing EV charging stations, lighting, renewable energy, and other energy efficient solutions. Expanding upon their existing energy solutions such as solar and LED lighting retrofits and upgrades, WattLogic intends to focus heavily on the explosive growth of the electrical vehicle industry.

“Businesses and individuals alike are going to face many unforeseen challenges as they move to electrify their vehicles. At our core we are able to offload those burdens from the customer and design custom cost effective solutions to meet their needs. As we see the massive growth in electrical vehicles, we are responding in a similar fashion by growing our internal teams exponentially to meet the growing demands.”

By providing a turn-key approach to installation, hardware, and support, WattLogic seeks to deliver the smoothest possible experience for both commercial and residential applications. By embracing the latest technology and tools available, coupled with their local strength, knowledge, and relationships, WattLogic is designed to go anywhere to meet their clients’ needs and advance the health of our environment and communities.

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