Top Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Lighting Contractor

Undergoing a commercial LED lighting upgrade at your facility can be an overwhelming and confusing project, which is why many companies choose to go with a commercial lighting contractor that can help guide them through the process. 

A good industrial lighting company should assist you from inception to the installation of the lighting project, find the lighting solutions and lighting products that best fit your facility while saving you the most money, and provide continued maintenance of the LED technology. But, how do you know which company to go with and have peace of mind that you are making the right decision? 

We have put together a quick list of the top things to consider when selecting a commercial lighting contractor.

Assistance every step of the way. 

You want to hire an industrial lighting company that will be there for you throughout the entire lighting system upgrade process. Some companies will only provide the lighting fixtures, while others only offer installation services.

It is best for you and your facility if you choose a company that can guide you through lighting design, analysis of energy savings, selection of commercial lighting fixtures, project management, and rebate processing.

The ideal commercial lighting product company should perform an in-depth audit of your facility, have a custom list of LED lighting products to replace your outdated lighting, organize and execute a safe and trusted installation, apply for local utility incentives and rebates on your behalf, conduct clean-up, recycling of old material (such as an incandescent bulb, metal halide bulb, HID lamp, or fluorescent light bulb systems), and provide continued maintenance of every single light fixture.

If you want an in-depth look at commercial LED lighting check out our ultimate guide here.

Committed to Your Success. 

You want to choose a commercial lighting contractor that is more concerned about your needs than their bottom line. For example, some industrial lighting companies will offer an LED product with higher profit margins rather than consider LED lamps that are best fit for your facility and align with your energy efficiency goals. You want to choose a commercial lighting firm that will consider each and every LED fixture and the special requirements or situation your building has.

Industry Knowledge. 

You’ll want a company that knows and understands lighting applications and LED technology, whether that is for indoor or outdoor LED bulbs. The LED lighting market is inundated with products with industrial applications including high bay lights, wall packs, post lights, wall sconces, LED flood lights, recessed lighting, step lights, wall lights, shop light solutions, strip light, light poles, LED shop lights, and landscape lighting, among many more.

You’ll want to partner with a lighting company that has a good grasp of the technology and can help you find the right fixtures for every situation as it pertains to what your lighting goals are for the fixtures and how they will impact employee morale and productivity. For example, you may want to be able to dim your lights throughout the day, install fixtures that can withstand high heat, brighten an area so your employees can safely perform their tasks, or have a motion control system that can save you even more money by allowing you to shut off fixtures when they are not in use. Whether you decide to overhaul your entire lighting system and replace your lighting fixtures or save money by going with a lighting retrofit, your chosen LED light solution company should know what the differences are and how they compare in cost.

Previous Experience. 

Ask about the company’s previous customers. Find out the scope of the projects they’ve done and if they have experience in industries like yours. For example, you don’t want to choose an industrial lighting provider that has only done gas station and parking garage lighting projects if you run a food manufacturing facility. You can avoid costly downtime or change orders by working with a proven lighting contractor.

We hope these tips help you make the right choice. You’ve already made one of the best decisions for your company by considering an LED lighting upgrade. LED lighting has been proven to drastically reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint, while at the same time boosting employee morale and productivity. Learn more about the benefits of LED lighting here.

Why You Should Choose WattLogic

Now that we’ve shared the top things to consider when choosing a lighting contractor, we want you to know that WattLogic is a commercial lighting contractor that will be there for you from the start to finish of your LED lighting project, we have decades of experience, deep industry knowledge, and are committed to your success.

We are brand agnostic, which simply means we aren’t tied to one lighting product brand. We consider your facility and goals before selecting the best lighting fixtures for your building. 

We are committed to maximizing every single watt at your facility and will provide you with a custom report that shows you how much money you can save on maintenance and energy costs by switching to LEDs.

We get everything you need to maximize your commercial lighting upgrade from one company – product selection, lighting design, utility rebates, project management, and recycling of the old equipment.

Stop wasting money on outdated lighting technology, connect with us here or call us at (800) 834-8737 so we can get you the LED lighting system your facility needs.