SCE Rebates: Southern California Edison MPOP Program

In Southern California, we’ve seen SCE energy rebates be reduced over the past few years. They plan on reducing those rebates even more! While their program is still valuable, in this post, we update you on the latest changes to their program and also provide you some tips on how to maximize your rebate.

How is SCE Midstream Lighting Program changing?

California’s Investor-Owned Utilities (IOU), including Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) have partnered together to create a new midstream program that will take effect in the summer of 2021.  Details of the new program have not yet been released. To read more about the SCE MPOP Program, check out this article.

Are SCE Commercial Rebates for LED Lighting really worth it?

Do you need to replace your current lighting? Are you interested in saving money and becoming more efficient? Take advantage of the current SCE rebate program by replacing your inefficient HID or fluorescent high bay lighting with LED fixtures, which can result in a 70% energy reduction.

SCE offers $10-90/high bay to install LED fixtures and has increased the technology efficiency requirements for the rebates. SCE also offers rebates for tube replacements, paying out $4 per tube for type A tubes, and $3 per tube for types B and C.

Does my facility qualify for SCE Solar Rebates?

Currently, SCE does not offer any SCE solar rebates for commercial or industrial facilities. However, they do offer SCE solar rebates for residential properties. If you do own a commercial facility or looking to help your company meet its sustainability goals, you will definitely want to read up on the Solar Investment Tax Credit. The solar tax credit is a great opportunity to drive down the renewable investment cost.

The state of California also offers incentives for installing battery storage through the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). Batteries must be charged by a renewable energy resource to access the SGIP incentive.

What should you do next?

Let us help you with the process and ensure the proper documentation is submitted and installed LED lighting products will meet both the needs of your facility as well as the requirements of the program. Be sure to contact us before you start your lighting retrofit process.

Contact us to better understand your project requirements and how we might be able to help assist.