The benefits of an LED parking lot lights retrofit

If your commercial parking lot is being lit by old and outdated lights, now is a good time to consider an LED parking lot lights retrofit. No matter what commercial or industrial industry you’re in, converting your parking lot lighting to LEDs can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line and the safety of your employees and customers. Read about the key benefits of LED technology here.

What are LED parking lot lights?

LED lighting fixtures are the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and well-rounded technology available for parking lots. Whether you are a facilities manager at a warehouse, a sustainability director for a distribution center business, or an auto dealership owner, among dozens of other occupations in thousands of other industries, an LED lighting retrofit is likely the solution to many of your concerns.

LED parking lot lights are LED light fixtures made specifically for use in parking lots. LED parking lot lights are made to be durable enough to withstand outside weather conditions and provide adequate illumination for a person to safely walk to their car and drive out of the parking lot at night. 

LED parking lot lights come in different mounts: a slip-fitter, pole mount (light pole), yoke, or post top light.

LED lights make your parking lot brighter and more vibrant while eliminating dark spots and increasing safety and security. Employees and customers will feel safer in the parking lot at night and your company can avoid potential liability issues from criminal activity.

At the same time, keeping outdated lights on all night (or for most of the night) can drain energy and add dollar signs to your facility’s electricity bill. Replacing your ill-performing existing fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on your utility bill.

What are LED parking lot and street light retrofits?

LED parking lot and street light retrofits are the upgrades of old, outdated parking lot lighting and street lights to LED technology without having to replace all the lights. Using an LED retrofit kit solution for your parking lot lights is a cost-effective way to reap the benefits of LED technology without having to deal with the high cost of replacing parking lot light fixtures.

LED parking lot and street light retrofits are perfect solutions to any maintenance manager or other decision maker’s budget woes. 

The benefits of LED parking lot lights:

1) Reduce maintenance costs: LED parking lot pole lights have a much longer life span than traditional lighting used in parking lot applications, including high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, such as metal halide lights.

Instead of having to constantly replace “dead” lights, you won’t have to worry about LEDs going out for years (usually a decade). Furthermore, since HID lamps contain hazardous materials, you may run into difficulty when trying to dispose of them due to environmental and health concerns.

2) Reduce energy consumption: LEDs are much more energy-efficient than HID lamps. LEDs use about 80% less electricity than other lamps. On average, LEDs consume 300 watts per hour, whereas HIDs use 100 watts per hour. 

On top of this, LEDs don’t require a warm-up period like HIDs do. Sometimes you may end up having to wait 10 minutes for an HID fixture to be fully warmed up, which adds up to about 61 hours of lamp life wasted.

3) Improve security: LED lights help prevent and reduce vandalism and crime. A bright parking lot with no dark spots means no hiding spots for would-be criminals.

4) Increase visibility: LED parking lot lights are brighter than conventional bulbs so people, especially motorists, are more likely to notice them at night. This means your business will generate more attention. Even if your business doesn’t operate at night, people will take note of your facility and company.

5) Reduce eye strain: LEDs are better on the eyes than HIDs. The light they give off is more natural, making it easier for your eyes to adjust and stay comfortable as you walk around in the parking lot.

6) Improve appearance: LED lights are available in a variety of colors and can be programmed to match the ambiance of your property. They can also be used in decorative patterns that will add character to your property. While you may not want to customize your parking lot lights quite like you would indoors, having this option can come in handy during special events.

7) Save money: Since LEDs don’t consume as much energy as HIDs, you will see energy savings and slash your electricity bill. For large parking lots, this can be a substantial amount of cost savings. Add this to your lowered maintenance costs, and you may be able to relax a little when it comes to your operating budget.

8) Prevent potential motor accidents: LED parking lot lights give off a brighter, cleaner light which makes objects easier to see in a parking lot than with conventional lights. This is especially helpful for motorists who may otherwise have difficulty seeing the edge of your property when driving by at night.

9) Less glare: LED lights do not have the same amount of glare as regular parking lot lights. Instead, they provide a more consistent, clean light that makes everything easier to see with less eye strain.

10) Control brightness: You can control the brightness of an LED fixture using dimmers or switches. This gives you more control over your property’s lighting needs.

Before and after examples of an LED parking lot light retrofit

Here are some before and after images from an LED parking lot retrofit we completed at a Swift Transportation terminal in Columbus, Ohio. The property saw an average light level increase of over 500% after they partnered with us on the project. 

Before and after examples of an LED parking lot light retrofit

Here are some before and after images from an LED parking lot retrofit we completed at a Swift Transportation terminal in Columbus, Ohio. The property saw an average light level increase of over 500% after they partnered with us on the project. 

HID vs. LED for parking lot applications

LEDs are more energy-efficient and last much longer than HIDs. Switching to LED parking lot lighting helps you decrease your spending on lighting and stops the waste of your precious budget dollars on HID lamp expenses. An LED light fixture is brighter and provides a more even distribution of light than an HID fixture. You also won’t have to start your parking lot lights ten minutes early just so they can warm up.

While HIDs are cheaper initially, LEDs save you more money in the long run and make the upfront costs worth it. The pros of LED fixtures far outweigh those of traditional parking lot fixtures, making them an excellent choice for your parking lot applications.

LED retrofit vs. replacement for parking lot lights

With an LED lamp retrofit you spend less than you would have if you went with a complete replacement of your parking lot lights. You know you need to replace your energy-draining traditional lighting and out of the two, an LED retrofit is the better choice.

LED retrofitting allows you to add improved LED lighting technology to your existing parking lot light fixtures so you can maintain the aesthetics, design, and layout of your current lighting system. LED retrofits are ideal for most commercial and industrial parking lots.

An LED parking lot lights retrofit offers all the energy saving and better lighting qualities of LEDs without breaking the bank.

Usually, when you replace parking lot lights, you will end up wanting to replace other exterior lights as well to keep with the aesthetic and to save even more energy dollars. Consider LED lighting fixtures for your landscape lighting. You may also want to think about adding an LED canopy light design or flood light design to your plans for extra security.

Partner with the right commercial lighting contractor

Choosing the right commercial lighting contractor can sometimes be half the battle! We understand that and have made the process simple and easy with our turnkey LED lighting solutions

We offer LED lighting solutions for outdoor lighting, such as parking lot and landscape lighting, but we also offer indoor solutions, such as LED shop light, high bay, and task light packages. 

Choose WattLogic and we will take care of all the heavy lifting so you can reap the benefits of brighter, safer, and cheaper-to-run parking lot lights without the stress! Contact us today for your lighting audit!