How To Save Money With A Commercial Lighting Retrofit

A commercial lighting retrofit is a smart way to save money and see additional performance benefits. Lighting makes up a large part of the average buildings’ energy use, which is why making them efficient can lead to big savings.

The latest data from the WattLogic Information Administration (EIA) estimates that lighting accounts for 17 percent of commercial buildings’ energy use. Upgrading the lighting in a commercial building can therefore have a significant impact on the buildings’ operation costs.

What is a lighting retrofit?

A lighting retrofit is a refurbishment of the building’s exterior and interior illumination lighting systems. This includes replacing all light fixtures and bulbs in an effort to use more energy-efficient, reliable, long-lasting bulbs and LED fixtures.

Energy-efficient lighting can include a range of industrial and commercial lighting options that can deliver more light output using less electricity. They are also more reliable, which means they will not fail unexpectedly and create maintenance expenses for repairs.

The extra illumination from an energy efficient lighting system will usually be noticeable to the staff and visitors. This can help reduce eye strain and enhance the comfort of the employees.

Outdated, traditional lighting systems are inefficient and have poor illumination. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LED lighting solutions use about 75-80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs and about 65% less energy than halogen bulbs. This means huge cost savings on your electric bill.

You can save even more with advanced lighting controls that allow you to customize the color temperature or intensity of your lights. You can even put your lights on a schedule to mimic daytime and nighttime light progressions, through a process known as color tuning. This can enhance worker productivity and support collaboration.

Should you upgrade your lighting system?

By upgrading the lighting system, a commercial building can save a significant amount on its utility costs as well as reduce its carbon footprint.

A commercial lighting upgrade is a good choice for any company looking to save money and improve their facility’s energy efficiency.  When you complete a commercial LED lighting retrofit, you can expect to see additional performance benefits, such as a longer rated life span with fewer maintenance costs.

Lighting projects also help bring additional benefits beyond just the energy savings, such as increased safety and security. Research shows that an increase in light levels in the workplace can lead to an increase in productivity and employee morale.

When is the best time to do a lighting retrofit?

A commercial LED retrofit can help bring big savings for the business. So before you think about any other investments, upgrading your lighting should be a priority – especially when you add up all of the other benefits. The best time is now – the longer you wait, the more money you waste on steep energy costs due to inefficient lighting technology.

Another great reason to do something now is that most utility providers offer commercial rebates for installing energy efficient technology. Energy rebates can help lower the overall cost of the improvements and provide a quicker ROI.

Many utility companies are recognizing the importance of upgrading to more energy efficient technology and offer incentives for businesses who upgrade. Utilities tend to offer the most incentives for LED lighting when compared to other energy efficiency upgrades.

If you are interested in lighting rebates, the best way to find out if your facility is eligible is to speak with an incentive expert at WattLogic. They will be able to review your energy goals and determine what upgrades work best for your operation and help maximize your utility rebate in the process.

Most major utility providers offer energy efficiency rebates when installing technology that will reduce energy costs. Federal incentives such as 179D lighting tax deduction are also currently available.

Top 3 reasons you should consider a commercial lighting retrofit

A lighting retrofit is one of the more affordable ways of reducing a building’s energy use. The average cost varies based on the size of the facility and the type of systems being installed. But the payback period can be as little as one year, which is considerably quicker than other ways of reducing energy usage.

  • Increased productivity and employee morale – Research shows that an increase in light levels in the workplace can lead to increased productivity and employee morale.
  • Lower utility bills – A LED retrofit for a commercial building can help bring big savings for the business. So before you think about any other capital improvements, upgrading your lights should be a priority – especially when you consider the long term savings.
  • Safety & security – Better quality of lighting has many benefits including safety and security improvements. It helps to increase safety levels for people in a variety of ways. In addition, it helps to create an improved work environment because workers are not as tired and they may be able to perform their tasks more proficiently.

How to pick the best LED lighting retrofit company?

When looking for an LED lighting retrofit business, it’s vital to consider how experienced they are with your specific project and industry. Hiring a long-time and experienced commercial lighting contractor will help ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your project.

If you make a rash decision based on price alone, you are bound to run into issues. Don’t make the same LED lighting retrofit mistakes that other organizations have done.

As one of the country’s leading energy efficiency companies and a well-established lighting expert, WattLogic has saved their commercial and industrial customers tens of millions of dollars. Their expertise in lighting design, installation, rebate processing, maintenance, and more allows their clients to focus on their operation instead of worrying about their lights!

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