Why Apartments With EV Charging Are Your Best Option

If you live in an apartment you may think it is not practical to own an electric vehicle (EV). But in actuality, it is completely possible to live in an apartment and drive an EV full-time! You just need to find a way to charge your car.


Apartments with EV charging are your best option because they provide a convenient place for you to charge your electric car. Plus, they’re becoming more and more common as EVs become more popular.


In this quick article, we will show you why you shouldn’t avoid EV adoption if you’re an apartment dweller, how to find a way to charge, and why apartments with EV charging are your best option. 


Can you charge an electric vehicle if you live in an apartment?

While living in an apartment can complicate things for you if you’re an EV driver, that doesn’t mean you cannot find ways to charge your car.


There are several ways you can charge your EV if you live in an apartment:

  • Find a public charging station
  • Take advantage of workplace charging
  • Live in an apartment complex that offers Level 2 EV charging – the best and most convenient option


Charging your EV at public charging stations is extremely inconvenient. If you choose to charge your car this way, you will have to find a public charging station and then decide what to do while your car charges.


Your ideal public electric car charging station may be one located in a shopping or entertainment center where you can charge your car while shopping, watching a movie, or doing another activity. 


Workplace charging is an option if your employer offers the perk. Even then, workplace charging doesn’t have the accessibility and convenience of having EV charging available at your apartment complex. The biggest issue with workplace charging it is not practical if you plan to drive your car outside of your commute during the regular workweek, especially during the weekends.


An apartment building with EV charging is the best option for EV owners who are apartment dwellers. Apartments with EV charging are easier to find than you may realize. From duplexes to luxury apartments, multifamily property management firms are beginning to see the value in providing EV charging as one of the community amenities they offer their tenants


How to get your landlord and property manager to install EV chargers

What if you’re stuck in a lease or live at the perfect apartment for your situation except for the lack of EV chargers? Don’t let the fact that you live in an apartment building discourage you. 


It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment or a house, electric car charging stations can be installed in just about any type of location. EV charging stations can be added to all different types of common areas made for cars including shared parking and garage parking sections of apartment grounds.


You may be able to convince your landlord to install an EV charger, and they might even be eligible for large rebates from your utility provider. If there is a demand at your apartment complex, your property manager may even install several electric vehicle charging stations. Here are a few simple steps to follow:



1. Find out who the landlord of your apartment is. A corporation-owned property may be easier to convince due to financial concerns. Either way, connecting with the right individual will get the conversation started. 

If you’re thinking about installing an EV charging station in your apartment building, be sure to check out our free commercial EV charging station cost estimator tool. Our easy-to-use calculator will help you figure out exactly how much it will cost.

2.  Show your landlord the benefits of EV charging. Let them know how they can increase their property value, attract residents, and collect additional revenue from charging fees if they open their chargers to the public. Show them how working with an EV charging station contractor like WattLogic, which offers turnkey EV charging solutions, can save them money and make it easy for them to install EV chargers. 



3. Be an advocate for EV charging. Connect with other residents that are EV drivers and ask them to join you in your fight to bring EV charging to the apartment complex. Find ways to get others interested in EV charging and explain to them why they should adopt an EV. When more residents ask for EV charging, the landlords will have no choice but to say yes.



Choosing the best residential EV charging solution Provider

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of electric vehicles, but you may not know that installing an EV charging station is a great way to improve your property and attract new tenants.


Installing an EV charging station can be a daunting task- there are a lot of factors to consider! From charger type to wiring and installation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.


Discover what the best commercial EV charging stations are and how to profit from putting them into your apartment complex.


WattLogic is here to help! We offer simple and reliable EV charging solutions for businesses and residents across North AmericaLearn more about getting the right EV chargers for your multi unit dwelling community, no matter where you are in the United States.

Are you a multifamily property owner or building manager? Are you looking to add EV charging to your apartment complex or condo building?

WattLogic is committed to maximizing the energy in every watt and we’re on a mission to bring EV charging to businesses and residents across North America. From Los Angeles to New York City, we want to help bring simple and reliable EV charging solutions to all 50 states 


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