Why Apartments With EV Charging Are Your Best Option

Having access to EV charging in your apartment complex provides an easy and reliable way to charge at home, making it easier than ever for you to “go electric” and enjoy the benefits of driving an EV. Plus, with a variety of charging plans available, you can find one that works best for your lifestyle.

It is entirely feasible to drive an EV full-time even in an apartment! All you need is a convenient way to charge your car and you’re good to go. Find out how to access charging options and explore the benefits of apartments with EV charging.

Why choose an apartment with EV charging?

Choosing an apartment with EV charging is the optimal solution, as it offers a convenient and dedicated space for charging your electric car. Moreover, with the rising popularity of EVs, these apartments are increasingly widespread, making them a preferred choice. Additionally, EV charging in an apartment can help you save time and money, as well as reduce the need to use public charging stations. 

Can you charge an electric vehicle if you live in an apartment?

Living in an apartment as an EV driver may present challenges, but it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck when it comes to charging your car. Here are some practical solutions for apartment dwellers:

  • Seek out public charging stations.
  • Take advantage of workplace charging opportunities.
  • Consider residing in an apartment complex that provides Level 2 EV charging – the optimal and most convenient choice available. 

Charging your electric vehicle (EV) at public charging stations can be highly inconvenient. Opting for this method requires locating a public charging station and deciding how to occupy your time while your car charges.

An optimal public electric car charging station could be conveniently situated in a bustling shopping or entertainment center, allowing you the opportunity to charge your vehicle while engaging in various activities like shopping or catching a movie.

If your employer provides the perk, workplace charging becomes an option. However, it lacks the accessibility and convenience of EV charging at your apartment complex. The major drawback is that it is impractical if you intend to use your car beyond your commute, particularly on weekends, during the regular workweek.

For apartment dwellers who own electric vehicles, a building equipped with EV charging facilities is the ultimate choice. Surprisingly, apartments with EV charging are more accessible than you might think. From duplexes to luxury apartments, property management firms specializing in multifamily properties are recognizing the importance of offering EV charging as a valuable amenity for their tenants.

Where can I find apartments with EV charging? 

It’s becoming easier to find apartments with EV charging. You can start your search online by looking for apartment complexes that offer EV charging options. Additionally, many real estate companies now include this information in their listings, allowing you to quickly identify properties that have this amenity.

Are there apartments with EV charging in my city? 

Most likely, yes. Many cities have started to adopt EV charging infrastructure and now offer apartments with this amenity. To find out if there are any in your city, you should conduct an online search or contact a local real estate agency for more information. You can also check the websites of your local utility companies, as they typically provide detailed lists of properties that offer EV charging services.

How much do apartments with EV charging typically cost?

The cost of an apartment with EV charging depends on several factors, such as the size and location of the unit. Generally speaking, apartments with EV charging tend to cost more than those without. However, many utility companies offer incentives for apartment owners who choose to install EV charging equipment on their property. If you are a tenant, be sure to ask your landlord about any potential discounts or incentives they may offer to help offset the cost of adding EV charging facilities.

Power Up Your Ride: Persuading Your Landlord and Property Manager to Install EV Chargers!

If you find yourself trapped in a lease or residing in the ideal apartment for your needs, except for the absence of EV chargers, don’t let living in an apartment building dampen your spirits. Whether you dwell in an apartment or a house, rest assured that electric car charging stations can be easily installed in various types of locations. You can add EV charging stations to different common areas designated for cars, such as shared parking spaces or garage sections within apartment premises.

It is possible to persuade your landlord to install an electric vehicle (EV) charger, and they may qualify for substantial rebates offered by the utility provider. Moreover, if there is a notable demand within your apartment complex, the property manager might even consider setting up multiple EV charging stations. Here are a few straightforward steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Discover the identity of your apartment’s landlord. Convincing a corporation-owned property might be simpler due to financial considerations. Regardless, initiating a conversation with the appropriate person is key.
  2.  Present the advantages of EV charging to your landlord. Educate them on how it can boost property value and attract residents. Additionally, by opening chargers to the public, they can generate extra revenue from charging fees. Highlight the benefits of collaborating with a trusted EV charging station contractor like WattLogic, known for providing comprehensive EV charging solutions that save money and simplify the installation process.
  3. Promote EV charging and connect with fellow residents who are EV drivers. Encourage them to join your efforts to bring EV charging to our apartment complex. Engage others and illuminate the benefits of adopting an EV. As the demand for EV charging grows among residents, the landlords will have no option but to acquiesce. Together, let’s drive the change towards a greener future!

Calling all Multifamily Property Owners and Building Managers: Add EV Charging to Your Apartment Complex or Condo Building Now!

You’re likely familiar with the advantages of electric vehicles, but you might not be aware that incorporating an EV charging station can greatly enhance your property and attract prospective tenants.

Setting up an EV charging station may seem overwhelming at first, given the numerous factors to consider. However, with careful planning and consideration, you can seamlessly incorporate this modern amenity into your property and reap its benefits.

Explore the finest commercial EV charging stations and learn how to capitalize on their installation in your apartment complex.

Welcome to WattLogic! Our mission is to provide hassle-free and dependable EV charging solutions for both businesses and residents throughout North America. Discover how you can obtain the perfect EV chargers for your multi-unit dwelling community, regardless of your location within the United States. Find out more today!