NJ Smart Start Energy Incentives Program Ends Soon

New Jersey’s clean energy program includes a statewide SmartStart Buildings program which provides commercial industrial financial incentives for a wide range of energy efficient technology and equipment, including lighting, lighting controls, refrigeration, gas heating and cooling, variable frequency drives, and more. The program ends in June 2021, so if you’re considering pursuing an energy efficiency project, you should act now, before it is too late to take advantage of the rebates.

What is NJ Smart Start Buildings?

New Jersey SmartStart Buildings is a part of the NJ clean energy program. It is offered by the state of New Jersey to incentivize commercial energy efficiency projects. The program provides financial support for new construction projects, renovations, or upgrades of equipment. The rebate program even offers a custom path, depending on each case. Incentives are available for any size project and come in varying amounts… in some cases they may even be able to offset the total project cost.

What are the advantages of rebates?

Rebates are a great way of encouraging commercial businesses to consider installing energy efficiency equipment or upgrading the current technology at their facilities. Rebates help the environment, but they also help businesses save money on their utility bill. With incentives, facilities can install energy and money saving technology into their buildings without having to worry as much about their operating budget. Not only do businesses save in energy and operating costs with the new equipment, but with incentives, they can save on the overall project cost.

What NJ Smart Start Program rebates are available for an LED lighting project?

The SmartStart Buildings incentive program offers rebates for a variety of Design Lights Consortium (DLC) certified energy efficiency projects. LED tubes (Types A, B, and C) are eligible for incentives from $3-$10 per tube, based on the length of the tube. For interior installations, incentives are available for high and low bays, linear fixtures and retrofits, and troffers, ranging from $15-$150 per fixture.

Exterior installations are eligible for incentives ranging from $25-$150 per fixture, depending on the specific lighting technology being replaced. SmartStart Buildings also offers incentives for Energy Star certified technologies at a lesser rate, including s $1-$3 rebate per bulb for bulb replacements, and $5-$15 per fixture for fixture replacements.

Pairing new LED lamps and fixtures with lighting controls presents an additional opportunity for energy savings, as New Jersey’s SmartStart Buildings program offers a $20-$45 rebate per control or per fixture controlled.

Is there a NJ solar tax credit?

New Jersey offers a statewide Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) program that incentivizes solar installations.

Additionally, the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is a program that offsets the tax liability of a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation. The ITC was recently extended at 26% for two more years, under the old law it was set to expire at the end of 2020.

How do I get New Jersey energy efficiency rebates?

With the deadline for submitting energy efficiency applications coming up in just a few months, it is imperative to act sooner rather than later. Let us help you with the process and ensure the proper documentation is submitted and the installed LED lighting or solar solutions will meet both the needs of your facility as well as the requirements of New Jersey’s rebate programs. If you manage or operate a commercial industrial facility, be sure to contact us before you start your energy efficiency projects so we can help ensure you get the best incentive available to you.

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