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California is home to the most electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. It’s no surprise, given state and local agencies provide incentives and rebates for EVs and EV charging. Many state agencies also establish and implement policies that support EV adoption. 

EV chargers provide dozens of benefits for residential settings. Charging at home is more convenient, much more cost-effective, and safer than public charging. 

If you live in the City of Anaheim and you’re an Anaheim Public Utilities customer – you’re in luck! Anaheim Electric offers some of the best EV charging rebates for residential EV charging installations.

We’ll go over how much you can receive in EV charging rebates from Anaheim Public Utilities and how to have a Level 2 charger installed at nearly no cost. 

Home EV charger installation Anaheim CA

Installing an EV charging station at your home is a great way to quickly charge your electric vehicle in just a couple of hours.

If you own an electric vehicle charger you will alleviate your range anxiety – the fear your EV battery will run out of juice and you will be stranded.

Charging at home is much cheaper than driving to a public charging station and paying fees to recharge. Having access to your own EV charger is also much more convenient than having to drive around looking for a place to charge and then finding time to wait while your EV charges. Instead, you can leave your EV to charge while you’re at home. 

Anaheim Public Utilities Residential EV Charging Rebates

Anaheim Public Utilities customers can receive rebates for their EV charging installations through the Personal Use EV Charger Rebates Program. 

Personal Use EV Chargers Program

Anaheim Public Utilities offers rebates for residential Level 2 EV charger installations. 

The program is available to both residential and business customers as long as the EV chargers are not open to the public.

Eligible expenses include the cost of the chargers, installation, and city permit fees.



Anaheim Public Utilities offers up to:

  • Up to $400 per networked or un-networked charger for customers not participating in one of its Time-Of-Use (TOU) programs of EV Rate programs
  • Up to $1,000 per networked charger for customers who sign up for one of its Time-Of-Use (TOU) programs of EV Rate programs
  • An additional $2,000 for upgrading service, electrical panels, and other such expenses related to obtaining service to EV Chargers for customers on an applicable EV rate plan

There is a maximum of two EV charger rebates per customer. 

How to apply for the Personal Use EV Chargers Program

Here are the steps to apply for the rebates:

  1. Obtain an Anaheim building permit for the EV charger project. The City of Anaheim will pay for the permit fees.
  2. Install the EV charger so that the project obliges by applicable building codes.
  3. Fill out an EV Charger Rebate Application.

Supporting documents include:

  1. All charging station purchase and installation receipts
  2. Copy of Building Department Permit Card showing final sign off
  3. Copy of your Anaheim Public Utilities bill
  4. Photo of the installed PEV charging station
  5. Photo of the serial number on your charger

WattLogic can get you the EV charging solution you need and take care of the rebates for you

Our special turnkey package means we can find you the right type of charger for your home needs, get you the electricians that can do the job correctly and on time, and have our team of incentive specialists apply for the residential EV charging rebates for you. Connect with us and electrify today before the Anaheim Public Utilities EV Rebates program closes.