Huge Lighting ComEd Rebates for Private Sector Customers

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Are you a Commonwealth Edison, or ComEd, private sector customer and want to save money on your energy expenses and improve your facility with happier employees? Now is the time to take advantage of ComEd commercial lighting rebates. ComEd is currently offering additional lighting incentives on top of what they normally offer so you can save even more on your energy efficiency projects.


How much money can you save on your lighting project with ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives?

For custom projects, private sector customers can receive $0.15 per actual kWh saved, instead of the previous $0.12 per actual kWh saved. You must submit and complete your project in 2021 and must submit a new project to another ComEd offering, such as standard or small business.

The custom project must be completed, and the final application submitted by November 19, 2021.

For standard projects, private sector customers receive a 30% incentive with a final incentive of at least $50,000 by July 30, 2021 or a 25% incentive by November 19, 2021.

For large energy efficiency projects, private sector customers receive a 30% incentive with a final incentive of at least $50,000 by July 30, 2021, or a 25% incentive by November 19, 2021.

If you complete three or more qualifying energy efficiency projects within two years, you receive a 20% incentive.


What is the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program?

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers rebates, discounts, and recycling programs to help their customers see the value in being energy efficient. The program gives incentives to residential and business customers. Since 2008, the program has saved customers more than $3.7 billion and 33 million megawatt hours of electricity. According to a ComEd press release, that is equivalent to eliminating roughly 42 billion pounds of carbon emissions from the Earth and taking more than 4 million cars off the road!


What sort of outdated energy equipment qualifies for the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives?

ComEd rebates are offered to commercial, industrial, and public sector customers for LED lighting, HVAC equipment, and battery charger products. ComEd offers the most robust incentives for LED lighting – including fixture replacements and retrofits –  streetlights, and lighting sensors and controls. They even offer instant discounts.


Why should you take advantage of energy incentives?

ComEd commercial rebates help you get the energy efficient lighting you need without having to worry as much about costs. Sometimes a LED lighting retrofit or upgrade can be expensive, but the incentive program could cover a good majority of the expenses for the energy efficiency project.

Working with a trusted LED lighting retrofit company, like WattLogic, to get energy efficiency upgrades for your facility and apply for and get the necessary paperwork for your rebate application is the best way to get what you need without hiccups. 

You’ll get energy saving equipment at your facility and reap the benefits like decreased operating costs and a lower energy bill without having to worry about how it will all come together. Let us take care of everything from design and installation to incentives management so you don’t have to and can instead spend the time saved to work on other pressing issues at your facility. Contact us at (800) 834-8737 to get your audit and energy assessment!