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Alabama is a vibrant state filled with natural beauty, from its sprawling farmlands to the majestic forests and meandering waterways. It’s also steeped in history – since before 1800 it has been home to countless generations of people who built thriving cities like Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile as well as historic small towns along every riverbank.


Alaska is the ultimate haven for adventurers, with its dramatic landscapes of sweeping glaciers and towering mountain peaks. From fishing in coastal waters to hunting game on remote valley floors, there’s an abundance of activities that can be enjoyed by visitors from around the world. But what makes Alaska truly unique are its diverse native cultures – such as Inuit and Yupik – who have called this land home since time immemorial.


Arizona is a stunning natural destination for the adventurous traveler, featuring some of Earth’s most breathtaking wonders. From inspiring desert landscapes and rugged canyons to majestic National Parks like Petrified Forest and Saguaro, Arizona promises an unforgettable experience with its awe-inspiring attractions – chief among them being Grand Canyon National Park which stands as one of the seven miraculous sites in our world!


With its vibrant mix of cultures and landscapes, California is a destination like no other. From the majestic redwood forests in the north to picturesque Pacific Coastlines on the west, awe-inspiring Sierra Nevada mountain range on one side and magnificent Mojave Deserts dotting along south; there’s something for everyone! Uncover all that makes this state so unique: from mountainous terrain to colorful culture – it truly is an unforgettable experience waiting to be explored!


Colorado boasts stunning peaks of the Rocky Mountains, which provide an abundance of outdoor opportunity for adventuring. From skiing to mountain biking and even hiking – there is something for everyone! The University Of Colorado Boulder has established itself as one of America’s premier higher education institutions in addition to its other claim-to-fame: An impressive craft beer scene that includes over 400 breweries scattered throughout the state.


Connecticut, the ‘Constitution State’, is a historically-rich destination with many reminders of America’s Revolutionary War. Walk in George Washington’s footsteps at his first headquarters or explore where the Battle of Ridgefield was fought centuries ago. The state also boosts an impressive agricultural heritage and continues to be one of America’s biggest producers for dairy products and tobacco today!


Delaware is no ordinary state – it’s the ‘First State’! As a cornerstone of America’s history, this mid-Atlantic gem was one of the 13 colonies that revolted against British rule and boldly declared their independence. Famed for its revolutionary spirit and breathtakingly beautiful nature, there are few places as rich in culture or legacy as Delaware.


Florida is a sunny paradise that has something for everyone. From the pristine white sands of its world-renowned beaches to thrilling theme parks like Walt Disney World, Florida offers an array of attractions drawing millions each year. Producing more oranges than any other state in America, its tropical climate also perfectly suits citrus trees and ensures Floridians are always enjoying fresh juice!


Georgia’s stunningly varied terrain offers something for everyone, from the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to lush forests and miles of golden beaches. Explore its vibrant cities such as Atlanta, Augusta, or Savannah – all packed full of culture and entertainment! If outdoor activities are your thing then Georgia won’t disappoint; enjoy some golfing in a beautiful setting or try your luck at fishing out on one of the state’s many lakes. 


Hawaii is a tropical paradise with something for everyone. Its sandy beaches, verdant forests, and balmy climate make it an ideal holiday destination – perfect for lounging in the sun or exploring its many wonders! From beach-side relaxation to awe-inspiring volcanoes atop Hawaiian Islands sprinkled across the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii promises a unique vacation experience that no other can match.


Among the peaks of Idaho’s mountainous landscape, you can find potato fields that bring a wealth of revenue to this Great Lakes state. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to its ski resorts, like Sun Valley Resort – America’s first! And with the University of Idaho at their fingertips – which is showcasing some acclaimed academic programs – students have much more than potatoes on their plate in The Gem State.


Illinois is a state steeped in educational excellence, industrial powerhouses and cultural attractions. From the University of Chicago to Northwestern University, students are provided with an array of prestigious universities to choose from. Industrial leaders Boeing, Caterpillar & McDonald’s anchor Illinois’ economic success while its famous architecture provides incomparable beauty for tourists across the country or world!


From its long-standing agricultural roots to a major hub of industry, education and professional sports teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana is a state with an incredible legacy. Home to world renowned universities like Purdue University and Indiana University, this region boasts both rich culture and respectable academic excellence – making it one of America’s most interesting states.


Iowa is a Midwest gem, known for its stunning waterscapes, lush landscapes and vibrant cities. It joined the United States as the 29th state in 1846 after invitations from luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln to join their new union. Home to bustling metropolises like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids – Iowa exemplifies America’s rich heartland culture with an eye towards innovation at every turn!


Kansas is more than just a vast expanse of prairies and farmland– it’s also home to incredible historical sites, including the Santa Fe Trail, which stretches all way from Missouri to New Mexico, as well as the Battle of Westport where US forces fought against Confederate troops during the American Civil War. For those wanting an authentic experience in America’s heartland look no further: lovely Kansas awaits you!


Kentucky boasts an impressive agricultural legacy and is renowned for its world-renowned bourbon production. It’s a place where the past meets the present, boasting vibrant cultural attractions such as The University of Kentucky; one of America’s leading public universities. While exploring this unique state known for livestock and tobacco – don’t forget to sample some delicious local bourbon!


Louisiana has a unique culture which blends French, Spanish, and African influences – from its delicious food to lively music. New Orleans is the epicenter of it all with attractions such as Bourbon Street and the renowned French Quarter bringing in droves of visitors each year who come for an unforgettable experience.


From its stunning Atlantic coastline to its lush forests, the “Pine Tree State” of Maine offers visitors a natural beauty like no other. But with an abundance of seafood in the ocean and fresh-off-the boat lobster waiting onshore, it’s also known as one big culinary delight! As America’s largest producer of lobsters, this maritime state is sure to satisfy all your senses.


Maryland is a state positively teeming with educational and historical opportunity. From the numerous prestigious universities, such as University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University and Morgan State to the abundance of captivating sites that tell part of America’s past story – it truly has something for everyone! Whether you are looking at furthering your education or exploring an area steeped in history, Maryland promises adventure around every corner.


Massachusetts has been a haven of history, culture and knowledge since its beginnings in the Northeast United States. Famous for having some of the nation’s best universities, Massachusetts is now also renowned for leading industries such as tech, finance and healthcare. Home to iconic cities like Boston -the state capital- it’s clear that Massachusetts continues to be an innovator within America after centuries on this continent.


Michigan is a diverse and bustling state, boasting some of the largest lakes in North America – like its signature Great Lakes. It’s also known as an automotive powerhouse with global industry titans Ford and General Motors calling it home. Away from highways and showrooms however, lies another side to Michigan: vast agricultural fields interrupted by stunning tourist spots where visitors can come experience breathtaking natural beauty.


From its 10,000 picturesque lakes providing swimming and fishing getaways to the Mall of America – one of the biggest shopping destinations in America. Rich farmland gives way to vast fields that feed our nation’s agricultural supply while wild forests provide hikers an opportunity for exploring. Whether it’s spending time on Lake Superior or enjoying some retail therapy at MOA, Minnesota offers something unique for everyone!


Mississippi is an abundant, diverse state with a long and fascinating history. From the rich fields of farmland to its thick forests, this southern area boasts plenty for all types of travelers – be it down historic roads in Jackson or by boat across lakes and rivers. Plus many small towns nestled amongst larger cities like Gulfport and Hattiesburg give Mississippi unique character that makes it worth exploring!


Missouri offers a unique look at Midwestern life, from the iconic Gateway Arch in St. Louis to the historic Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Independence – both of which make for perfect day trips! The state also boasts some outstanding educational institutions; Washington University and University of Missouri being just two examples that draws students from all around seeking knowledge and opportunity.


Montana is a veritable outdoor paradise, with sprawling plains and soaring mountain ranges. Home to Glacier National Park – one of America’s premier national park destinations – the state invites visitors to explore its many wonders, from fishing on gleaming lakes and rivers, camping beneath twinkling stars or chasing down wild game in lush forests. With so much beauty just waiting for exploration, Montana is certainly worth adding to your travel bucket list!


Nebraska is a powerhouse of production, boasting world-renowned enterprises like Berkshire Hathaway and Peter Kiewit Sons’, as well as major agricultural exports such as corn, soybeans and cattle. Not to mention its esteemed seat of higher learning – the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – making it an ideal place for students looking to combine education with career opportunities.


Nevada beckons the world with its glitz and glamor, boasting one of the most famous hubs for entertainment – Las Vegas. Infamously known as The Sin City, Nevada attracts revelers from all corners of existence to indulge in a nightlife that is unrivaled anywhere else on Earth. Beyond gambling and late-night festivities however lies another beauty; Hoover Dam sits at the entranceway while Lake Mead covers much of its southern regions like an aqua blanket basking beneath endless desert skies!

New Hampshire

With awe-inspiring mountain views, sparkling lakes and rivers that shimmer in the sun, vast forests as far as the eye can see – New Hampshire offers more than just its picturesque beauty. It is also a hotspot for both business and leisure with numerous corporations making their home here while providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature or experience local cuisine within this charming state!

New Jersey

New Jersey is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience both New York City’s vibrant hustle and bustle as well as some of its own unique history. From a short drive away from NYC, explore Newark’s diverse culinary scene or Atlantic City with all its stunning beaches and boardwalks, then end your journey in Trenton offing something special: it is here where you can visit iconic landmarks such George Washington Crossing the Delaware Monument!

New Mexico

Rich in culture and diverse landscapes, New Mexico has something to offer everyone. From ancient Native American pueblos to booming art museums, it’s easy to explore the unique history of this southwestern state. Meanwhile, its rugged terrain stretches from sprawling deserts to awe-inspiring mountains – a stunning natural beauty that makes New Mexico unforgettable!

New York

The Empire State offers a wealth of opportunities for work and play. Home to bustling cities like NYC, Buffalo, and Rochester, it’s no wonder New York is one of the most heavily populated states in America. It also has plenty to offer tourists – from Niagara Falls’ majestic cascades to numerous other attractions throughout its diverse landscape.

North Carolina

From city lights to mountain vistas, North Carolina offers something for everyone. With its strong economy and notable universities like Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this southern state is a popular destination among tourists as well as students looking to further their education. Visit North Carolina to experience it’s vibrant culture with depths rooted in rich history – you won’t be disappointed!

North Dakota

North Dakota is a destination that offers something for everyone. From bustling cities like Fargo and Bismarck, to picturesque rural towns dotted with farms – the state has it all! Aspiring anglers will be spoilt for choice when fishing in its pristine waters, while hunters can feast on some of nature’s finest bounties. Tourists looking to unplug can camp out beneath starry skies or go exploring off-the-beaten path.


Ohio is an amazing destination, offering beautiful outdoor spaces like Cedar Point and Lake Erie. Its diverse economy boasts major corporations like Procter & Gamble and Macy’s while its universities boast some of the nation’s best education with OSU and U Cincinnati in residence. Come explore what this incredible state has to offer!


Oklahoma is a dynamic destination, offering everything from stunning prairies and picturesque mountains to lush forests. It’s also home to many diverse Native American tribes like the Choctaw, Cherokee and Osage. With plenty of outdoor pursuits like fishing, hunting or camping available in abundance – Oklahoma makes for an ideal holiday spot!


Oregon is an incredible state to visit and explore, offering visitors a captivating combination of majestic mountains, lush forests, winding rivers and renowned educational institutions. Home to Oregon State University and the University of Oregon as well as many wineries scattered throughout the region, this remarkable destination has something for everyone!


Established in the early 1600s, Pennsylvania has evolved into a state bursting with history and pride. From Independence Hall to the iconic Liberty Bell, this remarkable land is home to some of America’s most treasured monuments. In addition to these spectacular landmarks, Pennsylvania also excels as one of our nation’s leading agricultural hubs – producing an abundance of goods for our country!

Rhode Island

Nestled in the northeastern corner of America lies Rhode Island, boasting its capital city Providence as a hub for culture and innovation. Home to world-renowned institutions such as Brown University, The Rhode Island School of Design, and Johnson & Wales University – not to mention major industry and commerce – it’s no wonder that this modest state continues to be celebrated by many.

South Carolina

From its golden-sand beaches to the leafy depths of its forests, South Carolina is an outdoor paradise. And within these idyllic surroundings lies a thriving urban culture – Charleston and Columbia pulse with independent restaurants, galleries, and historic sites; while Greenville proudly displays restored textile mills that celebrate the state’s agricultural past. From peaches to pinesides (to name but two crops), there’s something for everyone in this vibrant corner of America!

South Dakota

South Dakota is a land of awe inspiring natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Home to the iconic faces of four American presidents on Mount Rushmore, visitors will be in no shortage of marvels while exploring this majestic state; from visiting Badlands National Park with its rugged badland formations to gazing upon an unfinished monument dedicated to Crazy Horse at The Crazy Horse Memorial – South Dakota has something for everyone!


Tennessee has a rhythm all its own! The state is renowned for producing musical greats, being the home of country and rock royalty. It’s also an athletics giant, with two beloved college football teams –– UT Vols teeming with energy and Vandy Commodores leading spirited cheers from Music City USA. And if you’re in search of something smooth to sip on? You’ve come to the right place — Tennessee whiskey won’t disappoint!


With its large population, vast oil and gas reserves, agricultural bounty, and esteemed native son – former President George W. Bush – Texas stands as a formidable economic force in the United States. Home to bustling major cities such as Houston, Dallas Fort Worth, and San Antonio; this Lone Star state offers something for everyone.


Utah is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting activities like skiing, hiking and mountain biking among its breathtaking landscapes. It has also earned the moniker of “National Park State” thanks to its five national parks, such as Zion National Park with awe-inspiring cliffs or Bryce Canyon’s stunning hoodoos. Music aficionados will recognize Utah from the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir while athletes may remember it fondly from hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics!


Vermont is a nature-lovers paradise, with pristine forests that beckon visitors to explore the great outdoors. It’s also home to some of the nation’s finest educational institutions like UVM and Bennington College, as well as artisanal cheese makers who create deliciously unique flavors from their craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for adventure or knowledge, Vermont has something special waiting for everyone!


As one of the original 13 colonies, Virginia is steeped in history and rife with important landmarks. From Jamestown to Monticello – where Thomas Jefferson lived out his days – the state evokes a sense of tradition passed down through generations. In addition to its rich past, higher education flourishes in Virginia; two major universities are nestled within her borders: The University of Virginia and historically significant power house,Virginia Tech.


Washington is a stunning state with towering peaks and lush greenery. Mount Rainier stands as the grandest of them all, while its neighbour across the way – Mt St Helens – lays claim to being one of America’s most iconic volcanoes. But don’t forget about Seattle; this vibrant city boasts some of today’s top innovators such as Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon!

West Virginia

West Virginia is a stunningly beautiful state known for its majestic Allegheny Mountains, which offer an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities like skiing, mountain biking and trekking. Home to some illustrious National Parks such as Blackwater Falls State Park and Harpers Ferry Historical Park, the Mountain State provides travelers with unforgettable experiences that stay in their hearts forever.


Wisconsin is a cheese-lover’s paradise! Home to the most celebrated production of cheese in America, this Dairyland produces some delightful delicacies – milk, butter and ice cream included. With its strong commitment to dairy farming practices dating back centuries, Wisconsin has established itself as an international leader for tasty treats!


Nestled in the heart of America, Wyoming is celebrated for its awe-inspiring landscapes and majestic mountain ranges. It’s home to Yellowstone National Park – a historic place known as one of America’s first national parks – along with picturesque Grand Teton National Park. Not only is it an area rich in natural beauty, but this beautiful corner of the country also serves as a major producer of coal and gas essential to sustaining our way life around the world.