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Effective Water Solution

A patented, chemical-free ferrite technology that uses an electrical field to treat the water in your pipes. Installation is easy – just wrap it around any cooling tower, boiler, heat exchanger, or other piping for a chemical-free solution.

Maximize Savings Today

Enjoy reduced expenses thanks to low water bills and minimized maintenance costs with sustainable solutions that optimize water use, combat limescale buildup, and prevent corrosion.

Invest in Sustainability

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by investing in an efficient, chemical-free water treatment system that will benefit the environment and add a valuable return on investment.

Increase overall heat transfer efficiency by reducing scale and biofilm deposits!

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Decrease in Blow Down

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Decrease in Chemicals

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Decrease in Maintenance

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Decrease in Energy

Save Water

Decrease backwashing and boost cycle lengths for optimal conservation.

Minimize Chemicals

Help keep your systems safe without resorting to chemical usage.

Boost Longevity

Protect your equipment from limescale, corrosion and biofilm build-up to extend its lifespan.

Lower Costs

Ensure your systems are optimized for efficiency, leading to lower operating costs.

Your Journey

The WattLogic Experience

Saving water in your facility doesn’t have to be a difficult task. WattLogic is your guide and our unique process will help achieve maximum water efficiency. WattLogic will provide you with an understanding of the obstacles along the way and present the resources you need in order to succeed with minimal effort.

  • Education 01

    Learn about the latest technologies, methods and best practices for conserving water

  • Analysis 02

    Evaluate current systems, costs and requirements to determine the most effective solution for your facility

  • Proposal 03

    Receive a personalized presentation of the best options available to you

  • Implementation 04

    Install and maintain cutting-edge water conservation solutions for maximum efficiency

  • Reporting 05

    Track and assess progress with cloud-based analytics to ensure success

  • Support 06

    Enjoy world-class customer service, warranty protection and ongoing product support

Water Conditioning as a Service

Our Water Conditioning as a Service offering gives you a full turn-key solution with zero upfront cost and lets you use the water savings to fund the project. This service provides an easy, cost-effective way to conserve water and reduce your bills without compromising your capital budget and other expenses.

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Guarantee Your Water Bill Savings with Our 60-Day Performance Period

Begin Reaping Benefits from

Water Conditioning as a Service

Imagine being able to use the money saved from your water bill each month for other projects or expenses. With our Water Conditioning as a Service, that’s exactly what you can do. This convenient and cost-effective service will help conserve water, reduce your chemical usage, and give you peace of mind knowing that your making a difference.

Industries We Help


Industrial facilities use vast amounts of water to keep running efficiently.


Every drop of water counts, especially for industrial facilities. Water saving devices help ensure that this precious resource is used efficiently, helping to conserve and reduce wastage.


Commercial properties use an astounding amount of water every day.


Commercial properties consume an immense amount of water every day, but with the help of water saving devices, it is possible to reduce both water and utility costs. Water saving devices are designed to be used in commercial settings to reduce water meter usage and energy consumption.


Hotels consume immense amounts of water and energy, making them big contributors to the global water crisis.


Hotels are major players in driving the global water crisis due to their immense consumption of both energy and water. Fortunately, there are several ways that hotels can implement water-saving devices to help reduce their environmental impact while still providing a luxurious experience for guests.

Food Processing

Food manufacturing and processing plants use vast amounts of water during their production processes.

Food Processing

In an increasingly water-stressed world, food manufacturing and processing plants face the challenge of using vast amounts of water for their production processes. Fortunately, there are a range of water-saving devices available to help minimize the amount of water used in these industries.

Hospitals & Universities

Hospitals and universities use a tremendous amount of water in their operations every day.

Hospitals & Universities

Hospitals and universities play a major role in sustainability and are responsible for a large amount of water usage. By incorporating water-saving devices into their operations, hospitals and universities can reduce their daily expenditure of water significantly.

Data Centers

Data centers use an enormous amount of water for cooling and other purposes.

Data Centers

Data centers have a large impact on their surrounding environment, particularly due to the immense amount of water they consume. Installing water saving devices in data centers is an important step towards mitigating this environmental burden. By using these devices, data centers can reduce their water consumption and save money

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding how to save water in your business doesn’t have to be a headache. You might think it’s complicated and disruptive to your operation but installing or retrofitting commercial water saving devices is easier than you may anticipate. To help get you on the right track, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

Commercial water saving devices are designed to help dissolve and eliminate any current scale, in addition to preventing further accumulation. Not only that, but it deactivates bacteria and algae while also avoiding biofoul buildup. Moreover, the filtration efficiency of your system will be significantly improved – all while lowering corrosion rates.

These devices stands out from other physical water conditioning technologies with its signal that induces a strong yet harmless vibration of 150kHz throughout your entire plumbing system regardless of composition. This unique process helps restore and maintain the quality of liquid solutions, allowing maximum efficiency for all systems.

This induction of signals prevents scale and biofilm from forming in plumbing systems, gradually eliminating existing deposits. By doing this preventative action, you will significantly lower energy costs, reduce chemical use, preserve water usage and lessen maintenance expenses – all while extending equipment lifespan as well as pipes’ service life.

Certified technicians will be dispatched to your facility to install the device with minimal disruption. This non-invasive technology needs no cutting, welding or other modifications of existing pipes — it just clamps on and is powered up.

Cooling tower systems, boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, filtration systems, dewatering systems, irrigation systems and power generation are all places where this technology can be used.

We’ll install the devices in your facility at no upfront cost, giving you the opportunity to try them out for a full 60-day performance guarantee. After that period is up, we will enter into an agreement where you pay a fixed monthly price that is lower than what your water bill savings would be—allowing more money each month to invest back into other improvements or capital projects.

Limescale can form when there is a pressure or temperature change and it reduces the efficiency and longevity of boilers. This increases energy costs, wasting both money and resources.

To combat this, commercial water saving devices are available that emit a varying electric field into the water to cause limescale to form in suspension, which is then washed away with the flow.

These specialized devices not only protect against limescale but also help improve the water quality by controlling biofouling and improving filtration. This ensures that heating surfaces remain free from biofouling while maximizing their efficiency, and prevents the unnecessary waste of water and energy during backwash cycles.

Our standard units are designed to accommodate pipes with outer diameters ranging from 1” – 7 ⅞”. If you need something a bit bigger, we can create custom devices to meet your exact requirements.


At WattLogic, we are proud to provide innovative services and solutions that have been successful in helping a variety of businesses optimize their water management.

Innovative Solutions & Services

Why Partner With WattLogic?

A Personalized Experience

We take a personalized approach to ensure you can be the hero of your own journey as we guide you through this process together.

Non-Brand Specific

We are not attached to any particular product or brand, so our main priority is always finding the right, meaningful solution for every customer.

Prioritizing Customer Needs

Our highly specialized technical consulting puts the customers' needs first by helping them acquire optimal water management solutions.

History of Success

Our impressive client roster contains more than 90 Fortune 500 companies, along with a myriad of small businesses across the United States.

Since 2009, WattLogic has been setting the standard for sustainable solutions in the United States

Working closely with customers to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, WattLogic’s commitment to providing customers with the best green initiatives has contributed significantly to helping move our country towards more sustainable practices.

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The Impact of Our Projects - Spreading Across the United States

We strive to ensure our projects make a positive impact in the communities they serve, no matter how big or small. With installation partners throughout the United States, we’re able to provide a standardized service to each and every customer.